Free people operations guidance custom fit for your company stage and size.

Building Culture

Defining the internal brand - identify culture and values to support company success and mission. 

Internal comms strategy - tools and practices to keep the team connected without information overload.

Company policies - vacation policies, parental leave, etc.

Internal crisis comms - be prepped to address any difficult situation or conversation.

Growing Your Org

Organizational planning - growing in a healthy and sustainable way.

Interview training - aligning to create a flawless candidate experience and hiring process.

Recruiting strategy - building a strategy to attract and retain top talent.

Employee referral program - enabling each team member to be your best recruiter.

Enabling Team Success

Coaching - working with executives and employees to bring out their best self.

Onboarding - engaging your new-hires to bring your internal brand to life. 

Benefits - helping you understand the benefits milestones for each stage of growth.

ATS / HRIS consultation - selecting and configuring the right solutions for your org. 

Physical space - designing an environment that will enable the team to do their best work.

Transfer process - creating opportunities for career growth.

360 reviews - setting up a process to benchmark your team's performance.

Offboarding - saying goodbye as seamlessly as possible.